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19 октября 2018 14:32
16- 17 October IndustriALL affiliates from across the world met in Cape Town to develop strategies for achieving gender equality in sectors dominated by male.

12 октября 2018 14:03
1 - 3 October 80 representatives from 40 IndustriALL affiliates of neighboring countries gathered in Baku to respond the modern challenges. Many participants emphasized the difficulties they faced during the last year, among them are: fall in living standards, low wages, reduce of the trade union legislative rights.

08 июня 2018 10:24
On 2-7 June 2018, the ROGWU delegation visited China.

04 июня 2018 10:26
The renewed Global Framework Agreement (GFA) between the ROGWU, Lukoil and the International Association of Trade Union Organizations of Lukoil was signed on June 4, 2018 in Moscow, Russia.

22 мая 2018 10:21
On May 22 an Agreement on cooperation was signed between Alexey Aleshin, the leader of the Federal environmental, industrial and nuclear supervision service of Russia and Aksandr Korchagin, the Russian oil, gas and construction workers’ Union President.

14 мая 2018 12:11
Annually on the Victory Day’s eve, the leaders and employees of the FNPR, the All-Russian Branch Trade Unions, and the Federation organize flowers to the obelisk in the square of the Trade Union Palace of Trade, which shows the names of trade unionists who died on the battlefields during the Great Patriotic War.

07 мая 2018 11:58
According to the law "On Elections of the President of the Russian Federation" and the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the President takes office after taking the oath: I swear in the exercise of the powers of the President of the Russian Federation to respect and protect the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, to observe and protect the Constitution of the Russian Federation, to defend the sovereignty and independence, security and integrity of the state, faithfully serve the people.

01 мая 2018 11:56
This was the motto for the May Day across the country.

27 апреля 2018 12:54
On April 24 – 26, 2018 the delegation of Petrol-Is trade union (Petroleum Chemical Rubber Workers' Union of Turkey) visited Moscow following mutual agreements. Among the members of the turkish trade union are the employees of Botas company which operates the governmental gas pipeline project labeled TurkStream.

13 апреля 2018 09:26
On April 13, 2018 the President of Russian gas and oil laborers association Pavel Zavalny and the ROGWU head Alexander Korchagin signed an additional agreement for the industrial agreement of oil and gas industries and the construction of oil and gas facilities for the Russian Federation complexes from the years 2014-2016, prolonged until December 31, 2019. That was done on the basis of gas and oil workers union of Russia.